Use and benefits of childcare services

Team and contact

The cooperating project with the youth welfare office is simultaneously also designed as the scientific intership for master students at the Department of Sociology of Education.

In total, we are 7 members of the University of Bern who take on different tasks and interests within the project.

Project management

Christoph Zangger, M.A.

Project assistant

Janine Widmer, B.A.

Student assistants

Adrienn Làzàr

Franziska Uebelhart

Lisa Waldmeier

Oriana Gebhard Ludwig

Sabrina Gempeler


Cooperating partner: youth welfare office of the city of Bern


Do you have any questions, comments or feedback to the inquiry or the project at large? Then do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

You can reach us personally via the two contacts on the right hand side or generally by email or mail:


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