Use and benefits of childcare services

Access to the online questionnaire

Apart from completing the paper questionnaire and sending it back with the enclosed and postpaid envelope you can also fill in the same questionaire online. By doing so you can choose between a German, an English, and a French version.

You get to the online questionaire with the following link (external site):

Please notice that you will need a login-code in order to be able to complete the online questionnaire. Your personal login can be found in the cover letter you received together with the paper questionnaire. If you do not have it anymore, do not hesitate to contact us for a new login (

Guaranteed at any time:

Anonymity and data protection

During the whole time of inquiry (and self-evidently afterwards) we do not have any data regarding your person. While some studies rely on contact lists we explicitly did not make use of this option. Hence, neither during the time of inquiry itself nor afterwards we are able to make any inference about your person nor your child(ren). As a consequence, all information you give us in the questionnaire are completely anonymous at any time and are treated confidentially according to the Swiss privacy policy. Based on the obtained data, our goal as social scientist is to draw generalized conclusions about people's perception of extrafamilial child care in the city of Bern rather than stating individual testimonies.